MDIT X DD 2023

Malaysia Data Innovation Talent X DOSM Datathon 2023

"Smart Data Empower Malaysia's Future"

What is MDIT X DD 2023?

The Malaysia Data Innovation Talent X DOSM Datathon 2023 (MDIT X DD 2023) is a prestigious national competition held once every two years for students from IPTA and IPTS. Its primary goal is to cultivate and refine participants' data innovation skills, focusing on harnessing the power of big data and fostering critical thinking in data analysis and problem-solving. This competition presents a unique opportunity for students to apply their data analysis expertise to address complex issues specific to Malaysia. Through collaboration on open data projects, participants from diverse disciplines will showcase their analytical talents. Students have the opportunity to interact with a variety of stakeholders through MDIT X DD 2023, which has a significant positive impact on the advancement of particular Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We welcome the energetic, ambitious, creative, and innovative participants to join us today!

MDIT 2023 Themes

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End poverty in all its form everywhere

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End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

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Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

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Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

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Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts


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Competition Timeline


The Soft Launching of MDIT X DD 2023 is an event to officially introduce the programme to the public. The event was also inaugurated by Yang Berbahagia Prof. Ts. Dr Haryani Haron, Assistant Vice Chancellor of College of Computing, Informatics and Mathematics UiTM Shah Alam at UiTM Shah Alam, witnessed by lecturers and students.


of Participants

Registration is open for program participants according to the requirements set by the organizers.

15/6/2023 - 1/8/2023

for Participants

The open DOSM workshop will cover the SAS visualization tool, providing participants with insights ranging from its objectives and concepts to rules and regulations during this session.

26/8/2023 - 27/8/2023

Report Submission
Process & Dashboard

Participants need to submit their final product in the form of a dashboard along with their video recording.

28/8/2023 - 3/9/2023

Announcement of
10 Finalists Groups

The top 10 groups will be announced on the official MDIT X DD 2023 platform as finalists.



The final round will be held physically at Sasana Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia.



The ceremony will be conducted physically and open to all students from the university involved with the competition.







Top 10 Finalists Announcement


Live Pitching



Main Juries for Live Pitching

Judge 1

Dr. Ahmad Fazreen Bin Hj. Baharuden

Head of Jury

Director, Business Insights and Analytics

DataMicron Systems Sdn. Bhd.

Judge 2

Dr. Ho Chiung Ching


Senior Data Scientist

Department of Data Management and Statistic

Bank Negara Malaysia

Judges 3

Mr. Herzie Bin Mohamed Nordin


Director, Data Management Integration

Department of Statistics Malaysia

Judges 4

Queenie Wong


Director, Customer Advisory


Judges 5

Rohini A/P Sooriamoorthy


Director, Statworks India Private Limited

Numerical Analytics Instruments Private Life

Workshop Speakers

Day 1
26 August 2023

Slot 1
Competition Briefing
Speaker 1

Dr. Ahmad Fazreen Bin Hj. Baharuden

Director of Business Insight and Analytics
Datamicron Systems Sdn. Bhd.

10:10 AM - 11:25 AM

Join Dr. Ahmad Fazreen bin Hj. Baharuden, Director of Business Insights and Analytics at Datamicron Systems Sdn. Bhd., as he leads the Competition Briefing. Get ready to dive into the competition's objectives, rules, and strategies for success. Gain insights from his expertise in strategic decision-making and operational excellence. Don't miss this chance to prepare for the competition and enhance your analytical skills.

Slot 2
OpenDOSM & MHS Dataset
Speaker 1

Mr. Ahmad Najmi Ariffin

Assistant Director, Core Team Big Data Analytics
Department of Statistics Malaysia

Speaker 2

Dr. Ho Chiung Ching

Senior Data Scientist
Department of Data Management & Statistics, Bank Negara Malaysia

11:25 AM - 1:55 PM

Explore OpenDOSM and the MHS Dataset in this session. Hear from Mr. Ahmad Najmi Ariffin, Assistant Director of Core Team Big Data Analytics at the Department of Statistics Malaysia, about OpenDOSM's significance and applications. Additionally, Dr. Ho Chiung Ching, Senior Data Scientist from the Department of Data Management & Statistics at Bank Negara Malaysia, will delve into the MHS Dataset's implications.

Slot 3
Pitching Workshop
Speaker 3

Mr. Zachariah Aidin Druckman

English Lecturer of Academy Language Studies
UiTM Shah Alam

2:55 PM - 4:55 PM

Sharpen your pitching skills in this dynamic workshop. Mr. Zachariah Aidin Druckman, a seasoned lecturer from the Academy of Language Studies at UiTM, leads this session. Learn the art of effective pitching as he shares insights and techniques honed through years of experience.

Day 2
27 August 2023

Slot 1
Data Visualisation Using SAS
Speaker 4

Mr. Jin Khor

Data Science Consultant
SAS Institute Malaysia

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Unlock the world of data visualization with SAS. Join us for an enlightening session on Data Visualization Using SAS, featuring Mr. Jin Khor, a seasoned Data Science Consultant. Discover how to transform complex data into insightful visualizations that drive informed decision-making. Prepare to delve into the art of visual storytelling with one of the industry's experts.

Top 10 Winners

Live Pitching Rules And Regulations

Click the links below to open Live Pitching Rules and Regulations document:

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to have a statistics background to join this competition?

No, people from every background of study are welcome to join this competition.


Each team must consist of how many people?

Every team must consist of four (4) students and one lecturer as the supervisor.


Can the team members come from different universities?

No, every team member must come from the same university. If not, the registration will be invalid.


How much is the fee to join this competition?

Each team must pay RM150 as an entrance fee while RM100 for the early birds (first 20 groups only).
Registration Closed


Who can join MDIT X DD 2023?

Participation is open to all Malaysian undergraduate and diploma students of Public University (IPTA) and the Private Higher Educational Institution (IPTS).


When is the event?

This event will be held from 15th June until 26th September 2023. It starts with the registration on 15th June 2023 and ends with the closing ceremony on 26th September 2023.


Where will this event take place?

This event will be conducted both online and physical. The workshop will be held online while the live pitching and closing ceremony will take place physically at Sasana Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia.


Will I get a certificate for joining this competition?

Yes, every participant will receive a certificate for joining this competition.

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